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About Us

ERIK & MIKE: Who are “Erik” & “Mike?” This is our most frequently asked question! “Erik & Mike“ the company, is named after two friends, Erik Caplan and Michael Prentice, who met while visiting Bali in 2001 and pondered the question "How can we live and work in Bali?" With over 30 years of retail experience between them, they saw a niche to fill and became business partners. They were able to make Bali a second home from which they could springboard this business allowing, them the best of both worlds.


So, where’s Michael? In 2009, Michael retired from the business to live in Bali full time; he and Erik remain good friends… And occasionally we ask Michael to come out of retirement (for just a few minutes) to consult or check on something island-side. He’s always happy to hear a customer has asked after him & returns all good wishes to you!


ERIK BACK IN THE DAY As a college grad, Erik was learning Retail from the inside out at many of the greats – his first summer job at Gimbels was selling Candies shoes! Stints at Bloomingdales, T.H. Mandy and Woodward & Lothrop gave Erik the experience & confidence to open his own men’s & accessory shop “Erik Harris” in WA, DC. After being in Retail for so long, he moved to NYC & explored his creative side as a photographer, leading him towards the Wholesale side of business. His curiosity, and adventurous stamina have led him around the world seeking out treasures to share with us all.


EVOLUTION After many years of experimenting with different kinds of products, “Erik & Mike” is firmly placed as a women’s Jewelry & Accessories Company. Erik has traveled the world, always seeking to fairly trade with local Artisans & Craftspeople. It is our goal to keep traditional maker techniques alive ~ infusing them with our own modern designs. Luck also plays a key part as in when we find a product that we “just fall in love with” and bring over directly from the maker. What does this mean? ALL of our products are HANDMADE, fairly traded, and come from many different countries including: India, Nepal, Bali & Indonesia.


NOW YOU SEE US So, all these years we’ve been a Wholesale company – selling directly to Retail Buyers & Store Owners… You may have seen our designs anywhere from your local independent shop to some major retailers. While we remain devoted to our Wholesale Customers, we are THRILLED to be here NOW for you!


Thank you for coming to our site & getting to know us better!

“Erik & Mike”